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Consulting Services

Propelled by eternal roses, but not beyond any doubt know how and where to start? Battling to develop your existing flower business? Ecuador Forever offers an unique consulting service pointed at including preserved Rose Boxes to your business line, it is available for any individual or company wishing to get started in the business of preserved flowers.

Consulting Services
Rose Boxes

Rose Boxes became an upward slant in 2017 and rapidly turned into a luxury business concept in flower gifting and interior design planning. According to your needs, we offer different modules which you can purchase as a whole or by unit of interest.

Rose Boxes

1. Business Plan Creation

We offer training and guidance in the creation of your business plan regarding the rose box product line , our team will help you refine the business canvas so your final model is based on real data . All of the following components are included in our business planning service:

  • Market Overview – a deep analysis of the preserved floral arrangements segment in your country ( competitors, value proposition, ).
  • Consumer Behavior – a research of the consumers niche behavior analysis and the corporate finance reports in terms of trends, potential growth and revenue.
  • Branding – Creation of an appropriate logo and slogan with a delightful design and eye catching colors that will entice your clients.
  • Operations Management – How will it function smoothly? This includes the custom interior design for the workshop, its location and the rose box manufacturing line.
Rose Boxes

2. Geographic Marketing Study

The success of the Rose Box business line relies heavily on reaching the most relevant target audiences with the products that best meet their consumer habits.

Marketing Study

It is important to understand to the greatest extent possible the competitive landscape of your local and regional area in order to create the most accurate marketing study.

Our consulting services include:



Before starting your project, it is essential to identify the eventual competitors in the city and/or country of your project operations. Our team will help you to identify the competition near you and will give you technical information on the main competitors in your region. We will also analyze products from the competitors in order to integrate this information in the commercial marketing strategy.


Rose Box Line Creation

Each country and city has its preferences in terms of rose colors and size. Through our geographic market study, we will be able to determine the best offer for your rose box line considering location- based qualities of the flower market in your area . In addition , our preserved roses colors are developed according to trends of different markets and we offer four collections every year.

3. Online Marketing Strategy

Web advertising as opposed to conventional varieties of advertising is very flexible, targeted, creative and a cost-powerful virtual gear that build and develop relationships with your potential leads. Many flower startups and small enterprise managers have averted most of this tools. To bridge this gap, we offer of the best virtual advertising solutions according to your business needs.

Online Marketing

The Website

The way your market segment acts together with your business is your website! The domain should be perfectly functioning using the latest online sales technology from the very first day your business is launched . We will assist you in the creation of the website which will be developed alongside an specialised IT agency .Our team will be defining the design according to different criteria established through our online sales experience of preserved flowers – assuring that you don´t waste your time with a service provider that doesn´t understand your the purpose of you project.

Social Media

Social Media

Social media is essential for the livelihood of a preserved flowers sales project and even more so for a Rose Box sales project. However, starting a commercial campaign on social media is not easy and you need a plan , our team will help you based on our experience to avoid making any type of mistakes at the end of your journey.

As part of our geo-segmentation study, we test and identify social media platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) that are more effective at driving traffic growth. We'll help you create and manage your social media profile and, most importantly, do it right to increase your brand awareness.

Social Media
Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Google advertisement

Rose Box companies can benefit periodically and systematically investing in advertising campaigns on social media. Social networks monetize users' profile information in order to display paid advertisements that are highly relevant in one-to-one interactions with users. In many cases, social commerce ads offer significant conversions from day one at a lower cost. We analyze your market segment and let you know how much of you initial and annual budget you should put towards online promotion of your business by allocating it precisely to the most effective channels (Instagram, Google, Facebook, Twitter,). We will target certain areas of interest such as floral arrangements, presents, luxury, design and fashion.

4. On Site and Remote Business Team Training

To keep your team constantly trained and up to date with industry standards and to make existing processes more efficient, we provide the following expertise, either off-site or on-site :

Remote Business
  • 1. Product sales, online and in store.
  • 2. Production of Rose Boxes and other floral arrangements with preserved Foliage.
  • 3. Inventory management.
  • 4. Warehouse optimization for optimal flower storage.
Remote Business

5. Project Follow Up

Once implemented all the steps, the Rose Box product line project is not yet fully functional. To make it 100% successful you will need assistance in the operations management to arrange everything you need to run it smoothly. In this subsequent step, our team will assist you with :

  • Order preparation.
  • Sales forecasting and management planning for important dates throughout the year.
  • Optimization of box suppliers and other important elements.
  • Transport and import logistics; local transport (delivery to final clients).
Project Follow Up

6. Optimization and revision of your website

In this chapter we propose to revise your website and we propose to optimize it in the short and medium term. We make recommendations to you.

  • Whether your website is online or in preparation.
  • We study the overall design, navigation, menus and functionality of your website. We test it for you and give you our recommendations and all related references. We suggest that you visit certain websites that we call “Perfect Websites”.
  • We take advantage of this work to share with you the latest e-commerce technologies to improve the positioning, flow of visitors and buyers on your website.
  • We finally make sure and suggest updates if necessary so that your website is always in trend.
Rose Boxes

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