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Transport & Logistics

Ecuador Forever delivers worldwide. We have a dedicated team that arranges transport by sea or by air from Quito to every international airport in the world. Our experts make sure to contract the most effective freight companies at the best prices to deliver your preserved roses in optimal conditions. We have a lot of experience with sending flowers worldwide and we also prepare all the documents that accompany the flowers: phytosanitary certificate, Form A or EUR1 certificate of origin, commercial bill, production certificate, etc…

Our team has sophisticated the packaging system to ensure that the preserved roses stay safe during traveling to your destination.



We offer packaging that is resistant to difficult transport conditions - primarily in bulk, which is what the majority of our clients ask for. We can also send the roses in individual boxes for XL and XXL sizes, and in boxes of 6 or 9 for other sizes. We can have many different types of box made with your colors and logo.

For the year 2021 we will offer a packaging that is 80% ecological and completely recyclable.

We also offer Rose Box options and other packaging possibilities for your arrangements.

COVID-19: Keep safe! We are still working for you and exporting normally, do not hesitate to prepare your orders with us !